Anonymous asked:
What have you learned about friendships? Making, keeping, maintaining. What have you learned about people and how they are?


I have learned that friendship is about unconditonal love, loyalty, forgiveness, laughter, empathy, honesty, and patience. I have also learned that friendships will never be perfect; ‘perfect’ friends don’t exist because nobody is perfect. I am far from a perfect friend, but I am so lucky to be surrounded by amazing girls that love me unconditionally, no matter what. Real friends love you through the good and the bad, always encouraging you every step of the way. Friendship takes equal effort; it’s a two way street. Be loving and forgiving towards each other, even when it can be difficult. Arguments and hurt feelings can happen in every friendship, but it doesn’t mean that a bridge is burned. Sometimes friendship consists of just sucking up our pride and saying sorry. If a relationship is important enough to you, you will always fight to save it. Sometimes friends come and go- this is a part of life. Everything is a learning experience and these moments help shape us into the people we want to become. Sometimes you have to experience the bad to appreciate the good. It’s okay to let somebody go if they are not building you up and encouraging you to be the best person that you can be. You deserve to have friends that want what is best for you and always have your back. Don’t settle. I would rather have no friends than friends that hurt me and don’t love me for me. Sometimes finding these true, special friendships can take time. Be patient. Be the friend that you would want to have. Encourage those around you, be positive, be yourself, and love everyone. When you are confident and happy in who you are, you will find friends that are the same! 

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